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I’m sure we’ve all heard the term “bucket list” before. It’s the huge list of any number of things a person would like to accomplish before they die/turn a certain age/in x number of years/etc.

It’s a great way to write down your goals, and a great tool to use to make sure you’re on track with living the life you want to live instead of getting suckered into what other people think you should do. I’m always annoyed when people give me weird looks when they find out what I’d like to do with my life, it’s as if I want too much. But I know way more than most people my age, I have no illusions about the world, and I know that if I want it bad enough… I need to go for it, the rest will fall into place.

Maybe it’s a bit naive, maybe it’s not, but I don’t think I could come up with a real good bucket list that anyone would ever think I could possibly accomplish. Instead…

Narrowing the focus.

I decided to create an automotive “bucket list,” or a huge list of goals, but only car-related goals. Some may be super silly, some may seem impossible. Some I can finish in the next few years, some may take me decades. In any case, I figured it’d be fun to think about what I’d like to do with my life as far as cars go, as they are super important to me. Plus it kinda gives you some insight into how I am… And, if you’re like me, you’re always interested in hearing some tidbits about other people’s lives and thoughts. :)

Without further ado…

I present to you my list of car goals! Enjoy! (Of course, this is a work in progress… And will be updated as I see fit.)

Last updated: 04/19/12

1. Turbo the Miata. Would like around 300 HP or so. Since I no longer own a Miata, this no longer applies.

2. Get to a “finish point” with the Miata, if possible. Same reason as above — I no longer own a Miata.

3. Drive Laguna Seca.

4. Transform my 240SX into a Sil-Eighty. Will take lots of $$$, but will be so worth it. Included here is the SR20DET swap. She’s got a Red Top SR20DET, making a little over stock HP due to some upgrades during the swap process. Front end swap hopefully by the fall of 2011… I sold her in February 2012 without much else done to her.

5. Own a set of Volks. Want: White TE-37’s.

6. Own a set of BBS LMs.

7. Drive in at least one amateur drift event.

8. Drive the Nurburgring.

9. Take the ‘Ring taxi, and meet Sabine Schmitz, one of my heroes.

10. Watch part of the 24 hours of Le Mans live, and cheer for Audi. I watched the live coverage of 2010 on tv, and cheered for Audi! So happy they won 1-2-3 in 2010. :)

11. Go to an American Le Mans race. I got to go to the 60th running of the 12 Hours of Sebring in March 2012!

12. Watch a Spec Miata race and talk to at least one of the drivers. Talked to a nationally competitive SM racer all day 9/19/09, he was my instructor for Miatas@Hallett. Huge bonus: rides in my car with him driving…. It was crazy awesome!

13. Become a published author in an automotive magazine.

14. Have one of my photographs published in a car magazine.

15. Build a car that gets into a magazine.

16. Attend a Skip Barber class.

17. Get my SCCA competition license.

18. Build and race a Le Mons or Chump car.

19. Do the Caterham Drifting Experience, preferably at Silverstone. I want to do this sooooooooooo bad….

20. Visit the Porsche factory and museum in Stuttgart, take the tour.

21. Visit the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

22. Someday, I’m owning either a Ferrari 550 or 575 Maranello; they’re my favorite Ferraris.

23. Own a vintage (70’s or 80’s) model Porsche 911.

24. Have an awesome Honda NSX that I love to drive, a lot. Taking this off, as I no longer want an NSX. Clearly goals change!

25. Live within a day’s driving distance of a track, so I can watch events and participate in HPDE’s. Regularly. The Raceway is all of like six miles from where we live… Events every weekend in the summer, and a few track days too. ;) Only thing stopping regular participation is the funds…

26. Find a way to get myself into SEMA….

27. Attend TAS.

28. Watch a JGTC race in person.

29. Attend a D1GP event in person.

30. Drive a Nissan Skyline, either an R32, R33 or R34. Hopefully a GT-R.

31. Drive a Suzuki Cappucino.

32. See a Honda Beat or Honda City Turbo in person. Maybe an S600 or S800 too. Saw an S600 in a shop not too long after moving to Spokane!

33. See part of the WRC in person.

34. Learn to properly heel-toe downshift. Sad I don’t know already, I know…

35. Encourage other girls to get involved in motorsports, if they’re so inclined. I.e. give a talk about it to girl scouts, elementary school, etc.

36. *Hopefully* earn the Ladies Rookie of the Year for my SCCA region in 2009. We’ll see if I pull it off. On 12/05/09, I was presented with a jacket embroidered with, “Megan S./Rookie of the Year/Ladies Novice/Champion CSPL.” I didn’t think I would, but I made it!!

37. Attend a HIN event. And have a good time.

38. Drive a Lamborghini someday. Just to say I’ve done it.

39. Gain enough knowledge to be called an “amateur mechanic.” I think I have enough for this, though it’s hard to really tell…

40. Learn enough about rotary engines to get my husband to agree to let me have an RX-7. Then find one and keep it running… Myself.

41. Get a nice front bumper for the S2000.

42. Have a car that’s performance built, but wins trophies at shows. Not all trophies go to exclusively show queens…

43. Meet Ken Block, he’s totally one of my heroes. Tons of bonus points if I could get a ride… But I could settle for a picture and an autograph.

44. Attend a round of Formula Drift competition. July 2010 I was at Formula D’s event in Seattle!

45. Go to the 24 Hours of Le Mans in person, with more Audi cheering.

46. Become involved in helping to promote grassroots drifting in the US.

47. Volunteer for the Tire Rack Street Survival schools, at least one day.

48. Do one of the “Dream Car Tours,” like this one. I got to do an Exotic Driving Experience in March 2012, where I drove a Ferrari 458 Italia on a track. I think that counts for now!

49. Work VS-XX’s, in gold. I want to have them. Again, not something I want anymore…

50. Take on some type of restoration project at some point.

51. Drive the Tail of the Dragon. (Deal’s Gap)

52. Learn how to effectively left foot brake. It’s hard. :/

53. Go to one of XDC’s events.

54. Obtain sponsorship from someone for autocross, such as Mazdaspeed.

55. Own a Viper for a few months.

56. Own a Z06 Corvette (C5 probably) for a few months.

57. Own a Porsche 911 Turbo.