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It’s really no secret that I’m not entirely thrilled with where I live. Around here, most people aren’t into my sort of car scene… We run with a pretty small crowd. It’s no surprise that the coasts are much more conducive to the type of automotive lifestyle that I would like to lead.

Good things come to those who wait?

My husband happens to be military, so it’s not like we can just pick up and move whenever we feel like it. For anyone who ever wondered how I got stuck in Arkansas, that’s how… Thank you, military. It was thoughtful of you, really.

Thankfully, we now have a timeline of exactly when we will be leaving. And I am horribly excited to go where we’re going next…. Spokane, Washington!! Fairchild AFB is where we will be making our next home. (It’s also cool that a good friend of ours is going to the same base at the same time. He’s the owner of the 350Z I talked about here.)

Um, yeah, excited!!!!! We’ll be about four hours or so away from Seattle, which is a huge deal to me because I’ve been obsessed with Seattle for some time. Have you seen some of their cars? Yeah, dope.

Plus the proximity to Portland. (Tuner companies galore.) And the land of the best cars in the States — California. (Maybe you can argue it’s not, but it certainly has the most it seems.)

For all my envy of the West Coast lifestyle, I’ll be out there living it… Well, sort of. Much, much closer than I am now and I am so impatient to get the move over and done with and start our new life!

I really believe it will give me a better chance to expand my automotive writing and photography, though working it all out with my schooling may be an issue…. We’ll see. I’ll get it all figured out.

Keep a look out — June 2010, we’ll be heading west! I’ll be sure to document the entire insanity trip of figuring out exactly how to move a house full of stuff, two people, one cat, possibly two fish and three cars across multiple states.

Dream Cars, Revisited

Since I didn’t just want to throw that up there by itself, I’ve decided to do something of a “retro” post for myself. Over on my first hint of an automotive blog, I stole a Facebook quiz and expanded on my answers. It had to do with naming five cars you’d like to own.

I mean, woohoo, five! I, uh, quickly found out that five was not enough…. But the five that I did pick were fairly tell-tale of my taste in car couture. Let me share the list with you, originally posted here, and then tell you why I dug this up.

Foxie’s Five Cars to Own (Someday!)

1. Ferrari 550 Maranello

2. Porsche 911 Turbo

3. Honda NSX

4. Lotus Exige S

5. Nissan Sil-Eighty


Okay, so why did I dig up the list? Well, I was just thinking of something as I was mulling over what moving means to me.

I’ve had days where I wondered if we would ever get to leave. We had people tell us that we’d better like it here, because chances were good we were staying for a while. It felt like everyone we knew was getting orders to Japan or Germany, and we were just trapped.

Now, though, we have something crazy good to look forward to. And that’s how I feel about my 240SX project. I am stoked to have that car in Washington. I have a feeling the engine swap will be so much nicer to do up there, where people know Japanese cars and there are probably way more SR20DET swapped 240’s than there are here. (Only a few here, by the way, but there are some.)

Best of all, I’ll have the car in a place where more people can appreciate the work put into making my Sil-Eighty. And I’ll get to have one out of my five dream cars. When I came up with the list, I had no idea that I could even build my own Sil-Eighty. I had actually put it on the list because, well, it really was a car I felt I couldn’t get. How ironic that the one I felt was furthest out of reach would become the first on the list for me to get…?

Here’s hoping that Washington’s proximity to Japan makes it easier to get a set of Volks! ;) I’ve got my heart set on a gorgeous set of white TE-37’s for what’ll be a completed, black Sil-Eighty.

The next few years of my life are looking a lot sunnier than they did just a few weeks ago. :D