We all have our own sense of fashion style. We wear certain clothes in a certain style and we feel that it’s what fits with us and our personality best. Is it possible, then, to have just one car that fits you?

I always thought that the Miata was just me, that she just fit with me the best. And while I know she and I still work, my husband’s always telling me how the 240SX is just me. He’s said before that it seems I was “destined” for the car. Which leads me to question…

Is there a car that really fits you? Just one?

I really can’t say that I’m fit perfectly by any one car, it really just depends. The Miata is my racer, my race car. She was built for that and that’s what she and I do. I love having that tiny car for that purpose — she’s crazy good at what she does! We’re working on getting the nut behind the wheel up to par, and it’s a long journey but it’s been fun so far.

My Silvia, on the other hand, is such a contrasting story. Yes, I’d like to end up taking her to drift events someday, but she’s going to be more of a stunner than anything else. Not really a show car, but a pretty go car to me. We’ll be getting her an SR20DET in the coming months, and hopefully not too long afterwards she’ll be getting her true Silvia front end and making the transition from 180SX to Sil-80.

Do I have to pick?

I can’t imagine having to give up any of my three girls right now… I couldn’t do it. Besides, there really isn’t any reason to anyhow. The only issue is if my husband was stationed overseas, but we’ll cross that bridge if we have to. In that case, I imagine it’ll be a painful decision which car we’ll end up storing long-term.

I just have days where I’d rather drive the Miata, days where I’d rather have my 240SX and the days where I’d like to steal the keys for the S2000. Funny enough, I always seem to have the wrong car in any situation… Dunno how to fix that, sadly. If I run into other Miatas or other Silvias, I’m always in the opposite, I swear.

Can I decide what I want to end up with?

It’s not something that I keep secret that I happen to love Ferrari and their cars. In particular, I took a lot into consideration when I decided exactly which Ferrari I’d love to have, and came up with the 550 Maranello. To me, she’s what I think of when I think of Ferrari — beautiful looks, sexy curves, all the style and comfort and just enough power to keep people guessing, from an exotic V12 engine. She’s not the fastest, but she’s a GT — quick with all the comfort.

But does the 550 Maranello fit me at all? Right now, hardly, honestly. She’s much more classy than I am, and comfort is low on my list of requirements at the moment. (Figuring I might as well deal with rough suspensions while I’m young enough that it doesn’t bother me much!) So yeah, my grassroots drifter fits me much better, for where I am in my life. Someday, though, I hope to get my Ferrari, but also appreciate her even more for what she is. (To me, that’s a masterpiece of engineering and quality.)

Time to dish!

So, do you have a car that seems to fit you best? Is it one you own? Want to own? Is there a car you think would fit you better in the future rather than now?