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I know, I know, I shouldn’t talk about the move so much…. But I’m just so excited!! I can’t help it, seriously!! I’ve never been that far west, and the fact that now I’ll make it to some place that’s going to be a great spring board to other places that I’ve always wanted to go to….. Yeah, it’s awesome. I can’t wait.

Not everything’s car related…

Surprisingly, not every reason why I’m excited has to do with cars! (*Gasp*!!)

But that’s only one or two, honestly… The first is just going some place new, that’s always exciting. What’s nice this time is that it really isn’t the middle of no where that I’m going! The last two moves I’ve made haven’t been that great, and this is the first that I’m really really really excited about. And it’s not the places themselves so much as it is me. I just see myself as fitting in in Washington more than I have any other place I’ve been so far.

Another is getting to change schools. The new one I’m looking at offers a minor in Japanese… Um, totally freaking awesome. Yeah, sign me up for that!! I would love to get to do that, which would be awesome. I’ve been really frustrated with school because of the boring classes that I have to take, but Japanese sounds extremely interesting and also fairly challenging. (I really like being challenged, and my classes now just aren’t doing that so much.)

And then there’s being able to find another job! I’ve been frustrated with my job as well, but now it doesn’t make any sense to try and switch. It’s a nice feeling to know that I’ll be done soon enough, and I only have to put up with it for so much longer… Definitely makes it a bit easier to go. It kinda sucks having to leave, but I wholly plan on moving to bigger and better things, like picking a job that fits me better and isn’t as frustrating, I hope. I’d love to be able to be picky to a fair degree this time around!

Okay, okay… Most of it is though.

But the whole car thing, I am so so so so so looking forward to it.

First off, there’s being four and a half hours or so away from Seattle. I’ve seen pictures of some of the cars that run around that city. And I was smitten. Not only that, but I’ve had some starry-eyed obsession with Seattle for a while, and finally knowing that I’ll get to go and see the city first hand… Well, I’m totally stoked.

Then again, it’s not like Spokane can suck that bad. The county owns and operates it’s own track… Spokane County Raceway. Oh, and I don’t even need to mention the Track Photographer for a Day program, do I?! If I wasn’t set on getting a dSLR camera by the time we move, well, I am totally set on it now. Not only am I improving with my car pictures, but I’ll have way more opportunities to practice on awesome cars! It kinda sucks not being able to have that much around here to take pictures of.

Picture opportunities, and more stuff to write about… Yeah, I’m totally in love.

In 2009, Formula D stopped by Monroe, WA for an event…. I’m hoping they return for 2010. I’d so be there for that, too. I may not be a huge fan of Formula D, but I’m not going to snub a chance to go and finally see some drifting live.

Plus there’s the whole being near the west coast thing, and all the events in California that I’ve wanted to go to are finally going to be in reach!! I’m making it to Laguna Seca, and I’m going to find a way to drive there… Track days, Miata event, I don’t really care, I’ll find something!

It’s just going to be so awesome!!

Must be patient…

The worst part of it all is having to be patient. Oh, and we might end up getting a house with a garage. A garage!! Yippee!! That itself is going to be great, along with not having to worry so much about doing the SR20DET swap for my 240SX. Flights to Japan are also much, much cheaper… So while we won’t get to go to Europe any time soon, we can plan on Japan instead!

Plus winters, with snow, so we can go snowboarding…. Sigh, can you tell I’m ready to leave?!

Thankfully, there’s a huge list of things that need to be done before we move, so I need to keep my head out of the clouds for the most part and keep working on what needs to get done. The reward is going to be well worth it though, for sure!!