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My cars, that is. I really really really mean it. This is a long time coming, I think…

Cars aren’t necessarily expensive!!!

Okay, I was a bit provoked by another comment on a different blog about, once again, cars being too expensive and flash only for impressing other people and therefore a waste of funds.

I read things like that quite often, written by people who aren’t car people. People who don’t understand how some of us who are car people live.

Me, not you.

My cars are for me, not for you…. Seriously. I’m not “wasting” a bunch of money on my cars to “impress” everyone else. I’m not that into everyone… Sheesh.

I’ve built my cars for my enjoyment. Because I like them this way. Because I use them this way.

I couldn’t care less if they impressed one person or one thousand people. Funny enough, my cars manage to impress people as they are… Without me trying to. That’s the best part, I think.

Get the facts straight, maybe?

What irks me, really, is when I get treated like I’m some sort of lucky rich snob who’s never worked for the stuff I have. I’m ticked off because I’m confused as to where people come up with this crap….

Our most expensive car is a 2001 Honda, and she cost us like $16,000. Is that expensive? Really?

My Miata was $5,000, blue book value for her condition at the time of purchase. And in summer, no less! So I was happy with that deal. Our 240SX was $2,000 for my lovely project car… And a chance to build up credit by working with a very manageable car loan.

Or here: Ask!!

I just hate snap judgements, period. I know I do it too, I’m human after all… We’re so used to doing it, which is sad. But I’m working on it, so can everyone else try, too?

But if you have to know, like you just have to know… Ask me. I’m hardly going to get mad over it, because I love talking about my cars.

So how do I do it?

Cars are my priority, pretty much my highest priority after basics.

I’m not rich, I don’t have a ton of disposable income and I have yet to win the lottery or even get an inheritance. I work, I delegate where my money’s best suited to go and I work with it that way.

Spending money on my cars makes me insanely happy. Even if I don’t drive on any particular day, I can look outside and see my darling girls sitting there all pretty. (And just about paid off, too.) I have access to a culture that’s great, and I have so many awesome friends who are into this too. It’s my hobby, really my only hobby that costs me a lot of money…

So please, don’t think I’m rich just because I have three cars. I don’t think I’m better than you because I drive sports cars. Really, unless you claim to be into cars and obviously aren’t, I couldn’t care less about you or your car.

Now, if ya wanna talk cars with me… I am all game. I’m just well sorted out priorities-wise!