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November started off really fun! On the 7th, my husband and I led our Miata club in a group drive, fulfilling our jobs as Tour Directors. The drive went on without a hitch, and everyone seemed to love it, success!

Naturally, one day of car flogging is never enough… So despite the entire tank of gas that the drive had consumed, the Miata was filled up again and taken down to be put through her paces at the last official autocross of the season.

How was it?

First off, the weather was amazing! Beautiful, mostly clear skies and sunny, in the 70’s. Felt more spring-like than fall, but it was just warm enough to be comfortable, and not overly warm to where you didn’t feel that great. Absolutely perfect.

The turn out definitely showed how great the weather was — 75 drivers! Or maybe it was cars… I’m pretty sure it was drivers. This year overall was awesome as far as attendance went. I’ve noticed a lot of new drivers, mostly because I viewed them all as “competition.” Is it sad that I liked taking down the first-timers? They were the only ones I knew I should be able to beat no problem. (Otherwise I’d have some serious issues here…)

Well, how’d I *do*?

I didn’t do so bad myself, and it was a day I was quite proud of, actually! I don’t have many race days where I feel all good and am happy with my performance, but this was one of those days for some reason.

The course was a bit confusing at first, but I never got lost. I did get one DNF, thanks to some horrible understeer that caused me to miss a gate. Hehe, oops. Understeer sucks in a RWD car, lemme tell ya.

For the first three runs, we did two laps around the course. While the weather didn’t feel like fall, it didn’t make the daylight last any longer, so we were all cut down to one lap around the course for the second three, to make sure we finished while it was light out. My fastest time during the first half of the day was 1 minute 10 seconds, and my fastest time during the second half was 35.5 seconds.

Racing was fun, checking out the other cars was too!

I’m afraid that for me wanting to be a photographer, I don’t take as many pictures as I should. It’s hard for me to do so at autocrosses for a few reasons… One, I’m focused on racing and my runs. Two, I have to work when I’m not running. I do waiver signing, so even when it’s not my time to work, I’m still working. (It’s not a super easy job, but it sure beats chasing cones! Especially in the summer when it’s hot hot hot.) And three, many of the cars I’ve seen before! It’s almost more interesting to see what shows up to watch instead of what shows up to race.

Thanks to my Flickr account and this blog, I have a medium to share pictures and car experiences with, so I try to take a few shots and such for the blog. It’s great motivation. ;)

That being said, I’ll conclude the writing portion and get on with the pictures!




Check us out! ;)

Just one more of us... I love the pics I have like this. :) We're for real!

Just one more of us.... We're for real, haha.

License plate of a fully prepped Porsche 944. Made me giggle.

License plate of a fully prepped Porsche 944. Made me giggle.


I love the look of this generation of Subie.


She was just there to watch, but I loved her. My exact favorite style of Porsche ever!


Continuing the love to this e30 M3.... Gorgeous! <3


There was this outwardly beautiful Type-X 180SX...


But inside was a stock KA and automatic tranny. :( Still, pretty to look at!


Talked to her owner for a bit, he ran right after I did. And yup, still a rotary!


She was just badass. And very, very quick.


One of my favorites.... SR20DET swapped 240Z. RHD, too!


This 510 also housed an SR20DET.... I loved her as well.