Maybe that’s the biggest understatement I’ll make… If not, it’s definitely up there. Girls just don’t get cars, for the most part. There are some of us that do… But I’m among a very, very small population.

I’m different in that I get cars, I think. I understand how guys feel about their cars because I feel the exact same way about my own. They’re really everything to me, and I love doting on them, modifying them and otherwise spoiling them by spending oodles of money on them.

What’s not to get?

Sadly, I’ve still gotten plagued by some girl issues with cars. One’s that it sometimes seems that guys don’t need girls anymore if they have cars. Yes, girls can be jealous of cars. I’ve been jealous of our S2000 more than once, and it’s kinda odd. Sort of like having a live-in mistress, but you still like her too and know it’s not really her fault… But not that serious.

You see, car guys have a penchant for spending a lot of money on their cars. It’s natural, it’s what makes car people happy and all that good stuff. Spending money to make yourself happy is far from a crime, no matter what some people may say or think. But when a guy spends way more of his money (and time) on his car… It sometimes feels like us girls are forgotten.

It’s funny, but I can’t imagine my husband up and dropping $600 on something for me, but he would for our cars in a heartbeat. That’s not that bad, either, because: 1, I like the fact that we have our cars and they’re beautiful; and 2, I feel like we get more enjoyment out of the money spent on our cars rather than on something I wouldn’t use/wear all that often.

Then again, I’m a car girl. I like spending money on cars… Most girls aren’t.

I used to be jealous of her, but we set aside our differences. :) Helps when I can drive her!

So don’t ignore them completely!

Be sensitive, seriously. I know they should understand it. But we feel like you should understand our enjoyment of shopping too. (For all the wonderful things my husband does, he still hates going shopping with me.) You should learn how to effectively compromise, though.

Go ahead and include her in car stuff. Invite her out to an event, or just to hang out. Maybe she’ll like it, or maybe she’ll realize you aren’t off slinking around and then just not care so much. Then again, don’t ignore her when you bring her along either… I see it happen all the time, and have been told time and again that they wish there were more girls like me to go around.

Offer to be her car tutor.

If you do bring her along so she doesn’t feel ignored, keep her in the loop. Take the time to explain things to her, and maybe the more she learns the more she’ll get into it. While I was attracted to cars early on, it wasn’t until my husband took the time to teach me more about them that I really got into it.

Even so, it took me over a year from the time we bought the Miata to the time I finally did something to her. Since then, though, I’ve been modding and racing her or doing something with her every month. The patience my husband had with me brought him the reward of me being insanely into cars and loving the time we spend on our hobby, together.

It's nice when guys take the time to explain to me how all this stuff works... (Turbo newb here!)

Then do something nice for her.

Best way to get brownie points — take her shopping and out for lunch or dinner after she tags along to your car thing. If she was a good sport about it all, be a good sport doing something you don’t really get. Not saying you have to pay for her shopping or anything, but be fun and help her pick stuff out or whatever. It all goes both ways, and a small gesture to show you appreciated her accompanying you to the races last weekend keeps you in her good graces.

Then, if she doesn’t like it, just accept it. Not all girls will be into it, and not all guys are into it either. I’d just say to never marry a girl who openly hates your favorite hobby, whatever that may be. I see too many guys forced to give up their cars for something the wife deems “practical and necessary.”

And I don’t think that’s fair. At all.

Why should the guys give up something important to them? Why can’t girls get over guys wanting to keep a nice car? No, sports cars don’t mean your guy’s gonna get hit on all the time…. I know, believe me. I have two and a half. (I feel weird calling the 240SX a sports car…. But she’s very sporty!)

If a girl’s gonna tell the guy to give up his car, I think she has to give up something of equal value. Like shopping, or something similar. It’s easy to tell someone to give something up when you don’t have to give up anything yourself… All too easy. I’m just surprised so many guys put up with it.

I mean, come on. If you gave in to this, what else are you going to give into? I know guys goaded into having kids…. Nice, huh?

Not much I can do, though.

Just rant, to be honest. It bugs me when I see this stuff going on… Girls seem to bring guys down about their cars a lot. Then again, a lot of guys aren’t sensitive to the real issues, nor are they any more willing to compromise than the girls.

I’m just super, super glad I don’t have to worry about any of it!

Sadly, I just make analogies between cars and fashion that nobody understands…. Sigh.