Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t really celebrate it, but I might as well enjoy it. :) (I’ll be working all day today, so I’ll try to anyhow.)

Sharing the Love

First off, I wanted to thank Freddy for the mention this past week here. It really does mean a lot to me when I get support from the community.

Without it, I don’t know how far I’d have gotten. I definitely couldn’t keep going without it. So thanks, guys, for putting up with a girl like me. :) I work hard to play with the boys! It’s awesome when that work is appreciated.

I also wanted to mention the latest Theme Tuesday that Stance Is Everything put out this past week. Much love to classy car models, I’d love to join their ranks someday…

Waiting for Love

Friday saw the arrival of a used MAF, which will hopefully get my 240SX back up and running. If this happens for Valentine’s Day, it’s all I could really ask for! I miss her dearly, and I can’t wait to drive her for the first time. It’s promising to be quite the experience, and I’m eager to take her to school again.

I am hopeful that this fixes her issue.....

Coming Up…

I’m excited for the rest of February. On the 21st is the first official autocross of the year! Planning to take lots of pictures, and hopefully show off my SR20DET after the long winter project months.

On the 28th, I’m leading the Miata Club on a Polar Bear Run. Last year’s was wet, with a tiny bit of snow. I’m hoping for cool, crisp, dry weather so the top can come down. I never thought I’d be the one to lead group drives, but after doing the first one back in November, it’s not so bad! I just wish I could take pictures too. (But being in the front and driving makes that pretty close to impossible.)

March promises to be even more exciting, when there’s an autocross in the beginning of the month and then we’re heading out to Myrtle Beach over spring break to join up with Miatas at Myrtle Beach IV. M@MB III was a blast last year, and we’re showing up two days early to enjoy the Beach and help them get all set up for the weekend. Funny enough, we’ll be taking the S2000 instead of the Miata this year, but they already know and we did say ┬álast year they had to meet her. ;)

Last year we had a blast at Myrtle Beach, we can't wait to go back this year!

All in all, the winter will finally be drawing to a close, events will pick back up and I’m eager to get out and socialize!

Stay Tuned….

Tax refund time is here for us, and I’m scheming a new thing or two to celebrate…. You don’t wanna miss it, I promise. ;)