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Is the title lame? I’m not sure…. But I digress, because the title isn’t important, what’s coming up is. ;)

Autocross #2

The second official autocross of the year was March 7th, and yes I can be kinda slow and take this long to get the pictures that have been up on my Flickr for a while up here organized into a nice blog post. I apologize if you’ve seen them all before.

Through a new lens!

Where-as I only had my kit 18mm-55mm lens for the first autocross, I got to two-day ship my 55mm-200mm lens just to get it in time for the second race of the year. And boy, was it ever worth it! :D

I literally came home with pictures of every car that ran that day, to the tune of 260 photographs. Yikes. I think I may end up looking into an external drive for myself just to hold my pictures…. I’ll probably use it well at this rate. Something about my dSLR makes taking a ton of pictures easy and effortless, and somewhere amongst all the snaps are some jewels waiting to be recognized. At least that’s what I always hope for!!

I will, I promise…

My new lens gave me a pretty good excuse as to why I wasn’t racing that time, thankfully! I will be getting back out there at least once before we move, though. While track racing is where my heart is, autocross will remain my roots and I’ll always find it somewhat fun.

My favorite pics

This lovely spectator caught my eye for sure, I've always loved the 4S.

I can't help but take tons of photos of this car, I absolutely love her!

Fully decked out, race-only Porsche. :) Always turns out scary fast times!

There were a LOT of Miatas out that day!!

Zip ties are an art form on drift cars. And yes, she's drifted. :)

I didn't manage to catch the whole drift, but managed this shot.... It's my favorite from the day. :)