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While Thursday had nothing Miata-specific to really offer us, Friday brought out some fun times!

Myrtle Beach Speedway

Last year we had a blast at the track, this year… Honestly, not so much, I hate to say it.

The autocross sucked, in a word. The guy who manages the track put it together, and while he rubbed me the wrong way last year, it wasn’t unbearable like it was this year…

And I mean unbearable. Apparently, they open up the infield of the track and host the occasional drift event, which would have been badass had one been going on, I’m sure. It probably also provides a fair bit of income to the track — organized drifting is catching on in the States big time!

Instead of simply pointing this out, the guy went as far as to say that the kids who do it “push it too far,” so they end up crashing into the guard rails that are there. Well, okay, yeah… Drifting is about pushing it, and even professional drifters crack up their cars, no matter how long they’ve been drifting. Shit happens.

He went on to say that most of the kids who do that don’t go back, and then drive around with damaged cars and un-matching paint, and I think somewhere he found a place to fit in the word, “punks” as well.

Needless to say, I was livid. I had a fair bit of self-control, because I had just had some old guy, who ditched SCCA Formula Vee racing for nascar call a lot of my friends and much of my adopted car culture “poor punks.” (FWIW, neither my 240SX nor my Miata are all the same color, so I did take it pretty damn personally.)

I could continue that rant, but I’m sure you can understand why it got to me… Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who realized that he was full of crap (arrogant as hell, beyond being “point blank and brutally honest”) and had no clue how autocross goes. Yes, he even said he’s never autocrossed, yet here he was setting one up and running it… Ugh. I was glad I wasn’t driving, and many of us seasoned autocrossers didn’t drive or did very little of it.

The Oval

Of course, the track is really just an oval for silly driving. But the husband enjoyed taking out the S2000 and letting her wind out without having to be in fear of cops. She sounded great! :) I also got to practice those awesome panning shots I love to take…. Hehe.


I’ll quit babbling, because nothing more really went on… But enjoy some of the snapshots from the day!

Some of the early arrivers, there were a lot more as the morning rolled on!

One of the seasoned drivers & Miata. :)

Charlie's bright yellow Miata made for a nice picture! x3

Last year's runner-up still didn't get her autocross champion title this year. Maybe next year??

I love the cool things like this that you only find at tracks...

A few of my panning shots of the S2k turned out, I'm still insanely proud of them!

Aside from loving this Laguna Blue's color, I loved the license plate!