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Into what normal people think of cars, anyhow.

The Show

I’m sure you’ve heard of CSI:Miami before? Probably, haha. Now, whether you’ve ever watched it…. Who knows. And that’s not the point.

The point is, more so than the other CSI series Miami has cars, quite a few. Usually Lamborghinis. Which isn’t totally surprising, because Miami does have some expensive wheels rolling around… Any city with money like that will. (Even New York, where the parking spaces are stupid expensive. So one time when we were there, we saw an Aston Martin parked on the street…)

Anyhow, one day I caught part of the episode “High Octane” on tv, and what I saw disturbed me more than just a little bit.

Hello, It’s Called Research!!!

Now, it’s a given that for shows there’s some actual research done to make it somewhat credible. And I’d expect with the booming car scene that it wouldn’t be so damn hard to come up with some facts….

Apparently, it is.

Mind the poor quality, but just take a look for yourself here. No, please, you’ll see my point rather quickly. The first few minutes give you an awful glimpse into what they came up with. (Funny side note: the subtitles are Chinese, and I can actually read some of the characters and phrases… It’s freaky lol.)

If you’re into a bit more torture, you can watch the whole thing…. It’s pretty awful, honestly. Especially when you get to the tire bit and it’s all about the “Hoosier slicks.” Yeah, Hoosier makes slicks… Slicks are for racing… Used in drifting… BUT NOT ON FREAKIN’ ECLIPSES.

I’m sorry, but in NO way, shape or form should you EVER fashion the words “drifting” into a sentence and show an eclipse. UGH!!!!!!!!!

But Then…

And yet, they show actual cars. Real cars. Built cars. Not “tricked-out” cars, REAL cars. Like the RX-7. A few Silvias. And a Levin, right? (I’m pretty sure…?)

This was one of the cars shown in the episode....

So it’s like, even worse. You can’t go and show these actual cars that people or shops worked really hard on next to your stupid eclipse for the show. It’s WRONG.

Why? Because then all the non-car people go and think that, “Oh, that’s how it is!” And it’s not! It’s not even close!

Drifting is NOT a crime. It is NOT a stunt. It IS a real sport. For some, it IS a way of life. It is NOT something to be thrown around lackadaisically on a tv show full of people who are probably really uneducated in the field and now they think they know what those “drifting punks” are like.

It really irks me to the core when things like this go down. It’s wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Period. You should have done more research or, gasp, brought on a consultant to make sure you’re at least somewhat accurate.

And that’s not even getting to the final gem — the fact that the kid’s dad was siphoning off jet fuel and they were putting it in cars….???

For the record: Jet fuel is nothing more than slightly more refined diesel. You don’t fill up your car at the diesel pump, do you? No. So you wouldn’t put jet fuel in your car. It’s not high octane, it’s actually low octane.

On the flip side, I’m happy for the people who did get their cars into the show. It’s some nice recognition and a great achievement! It doesn’t take anything away from the cars, it’s the people who did the show that are……..

Kinda Frustrating

It’s pretty frustrating because there isn’t anything one can do about this. It’s there, it’s done and it’s out there — showing people some glamorized life that doesn’t really exist. Huh, I swore that was done before….

Oh yeah, the Fast and the Furious. Figures. That’s totally how it is, isn’t it?

I have to say, though, this irks me in a totally different way than that True Life episode. Because that was actually some dude thinking his life was something it totally wasn’t….

So tell me, what do you think when you see something like this? Does it irritate you? Or do you shrug it off?

In a way, I like that people don’t understand the lifestyle from the outside… But they have some stupid opinions I get tired of trying to fight.