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Towards the end of my husband’s deployment this year, he started to put together a list of things he wanted to get for the STi. We also bought a few of them and she’s already not quite stock anymore. :)


While it’s not a lot, she did get a new piece of exhaust piping (enough to delete the mufflers and add a nice bit of noise), some necessary mud flaps (rally car, duh) and some yellow fog light covers.

Really, nothing super crazy… But enough to make her look really nice. :D

Of course, her most expensive bit was her new set of winter wheels — a set of the gold BBS’ from the older STi’s, that were practically brand new and already had Blizzaks on them.

Showing Off

If you’ve been keeping up with me on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr, you’ve probably already seen them. Or maybe you missed them. Either way, I feel like properly showing her off here. :P

The exhaust is only an axle-back, but just getting rid of the mufflers was great. (It's also completely custom.) And every STi deserves a great set of mud flaps!

Definitely like the effect of the yellow fog light covers on her, and it was ridiculously cheap too! Haha.

And here she is in "winter mode," with the winter set of BBS wheels. (Kinda extravagant, no?)