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I have this new interest… And it’s kinda weird. I think, since it’s winter and nothing much is going to be happening here, that I’m going to figure out if it’s a passing thing or not.

My weird new interest is…..

Not sure what it is..... But vintage cameras have captured my interest!

Vintage cameras. Kinda random really.

While I really love photography, I’m a happy digital photographer. My only brushes with film that I can recall were disposable cameras given to me on vacations to play with. I sort of remember having a regular sort of point and shoot film camera, but nothing crazy.

My Nikon D3000 was my first SLR, and I still love her. Even if I don’t use her nearly as much as I should. :/

My interest in vintage film cameras mostly comes in the collectible and resale market. For me, it seems like a possible way to take something I enjoy (photography, cameras) with a way to make a little money off of it.

This probably has to do with: one, my recent sales of a few things on eBay — I mean actually selling things for once! Haha. And probably also to do with the fact that since I decided to sell some things on eBay I began reading blogs written by people who sell things on eBay.

Yup, work gives me way too much time to read…. I have read blogs that make me want to sell on eBay, refinish furniture and can pickles. Help.

Either way, in the end I’m just looking for ways to help save up for the next car I want to buy…. A Porsche 911 SC.

I've actually printed out this photo to keep as a visual reminder of what I'm working towards right now!

Seriously, how appropriate would it be paying for a vintage Porsche with profits from vintage cameras?! (Yes, I daydream way too much. I already know.)