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Along with reflecting on the past year, I’m somewhat big on planning for the next one. It’s kinda funny in a way, because I never know exactly what could happen. While it would be weird for us to be moved again so soon, it can happen. So I do take my plans with a grain of salt somewhat.

I’ve already mentioned my first goal before — selling my Miata and 240sx. It’s not what I really want to do, but in order to get to the next step I kinda have to. I can’t keep all my cars forever, and the aspect of such aintensive project like the 240sx has been just doesn’t hold the same appeal for me anymore. Something has to give when I dread thinking about parts that need to be bought and work that needs to be done. And the Miata…. Well, I just don’t drive her much anymore at all.

My second goal deals with the car I’ll have left after selling “my” two, the S2000. It’s a bit intimidating, because the one great thing about the other two were that parts were cheap. Not so anymore, but since she’ll be “my only” for a bit it should be okay. (The STi is taken care of by my husband and is the car he usually drives.) I’m planning on buying her a set of coil overs, KW Variant 3’s, since she probably could use the suspension overhaul. She’ll also be getting new tires, though I’m not sure what yet. I’ll also be buying a passenger seat rail for my Bride Zeta III that’s in the 240 right now and the S2000 will finally have matching seats again. Plus our first car to have two racing seats. (I’ll have to figure out something with harnesses……)

The S2000 also gets to be my race car in 2012. :) I’m hoping to do as many autocross days as I can and we’re hoping to fit a track day in somewhere as well. We’ll see how these good intentions go.

Not sure this counts for 2012, but shortly here we’ll be buying skid plates for the STi. This should kinda show our intentions on her direction….. :) My husband is continuing his search for rally lights for herthat both work and are okay with me. (I’m not super crazy about the idea of a set of four lights mounted to the hood….)

Basically, this is what I like as far as the rally lights go, but not sure how it would work with the skid plates we're getting... :/

On the rally vein, I’d really love to visit DirtFish in 2012. And if they have the big Subaru meet up again this year like they did last year I really want to go. Same thing if they do rallying in Oregon again….. We couldn’t go last year because it was right before my husband deployed. Basically, I’m hoping for a few more trips to cool events and places.

My biggest plan for 2012 is finding another car, though. While I intended to sell my two and downsize back to two, I should have known it wouldn’t quite work for me. I won’t be buying for quite some time, maybe not even in 2012 at all. But I’m working on getting the funds together to purchase a Porsche 911 SC. I’ve loved them forever, and have finally had enough with the dreaming…. Time to start doing. I’m not sure how or when yet, but I’m going to be working on this goal all year. (Much of it does depend on selling the two cars first, though.)

This is my dream!

Aside from all of that, I’ll be pretty pleased with myself if I continue to work on my photography. 2011 wasn’t my greatest year for it and I want to do better. My iPhone spoils me with its nice and handy camera and easy editing. I want to finally work on using my copy of Photoshop Elements and getting my Nikon out more. Maybe even getting the other two flashes I would like and getting that whole thing set up…. We’ll see on that, for now it’s not that high on my list.

2012 should be an exciting and fun year….. I hope.