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I almost hate to phrase it this way, because it seems almost too prevalent…. “Find your passion!” “Follow your passion!” “If you live your passion, the money will follow!”

Well, clearly the money comes first in racing….. No surprise there. Cars are an expensive hobby to have period. But can’t I do some sort of work with cars, seeing as how it’s my passion?

Why yes, yes I can. And so the search has begun.


Time for Changes

Selling phones is old to me. I worked seven days a week for almost two months straight….. That’s not right. That shouldn’t have happened. I shouldn’t have to put up with a company that willingly does that to their people. And all I got for it was some thanks and a $5 Starbucks gift card.

It’s time to move on.

My dream career at this point in my life is working in the Parts department in a dealership. It’s something I could see myself doing now, and actually moving up to a manager position someday. In retail I could never see being a manager…. No thanks. Not for me. But this? Sure!

So I’ve started to look for a job in Parts. And I’m hoping I find it soon… I’m really ready for this change. I want more than just a job, I want a real career.

The Dream

In October, we went on our second trip to Seattle to just bum around and enjoy the city. Before we left, we stopped at the Ferrari dealership. Definitely an amazing place, the F40 and my dream 550 Maranello aside. ;)

We spent some time talking to the Parts manager of the dealership. And it didn’t hit me until recently that I really want to do his job someday. Maybe not for Ferrari, because I’d definitely love working for Porsche too. Or any other type of dealership. But if I have to pick one, my goal would be to be the Parts manager for a Ferrari dealership.

The best thing that I can do now to make that dream a reality is to get into the field. I need to get into Parts now so that I can build up the knowledge and experience and build an actual career.

Fingers Crossed

Lately I’ve been crossing my fingers a lot. I’ve gone on one interview for what is, essentially, the ideal job for me right now…. And I’m hoping and praying that it’s meant to be and that they like me.

I also talked to a floor manager of a dealership about jobs there. I know for sure that I do not want sales. But it helped me when he told me that I’d be really good in Parts or Service. It gave me hope that I’ll be able to find the job I want to set me on my ideal career path.

So, if it’s not too much to ask, send me some good vibes? :) And big thanks to those of you who have already…. Much love!

I’m gonna make this happen…… I’m determined!

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