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There are plenty of times that I wonder if my life will ever get easier…. Mostly because it seems to always be up in the air.

This time, it’s kind of my fault. Because I quit my job. I turned in a one week resignation notice on Sunday. By the end of the week I’ll basically be unemployed.

Overworked, Probably Way Underpaid

I’m not totally crazy. At least I’d like to think I’m not. As long as I end up graduating in May, I’m in my last few months where I can actually do this without an insane amount of planning. Which worked out nice in this case….

Because my job turned into something unbearably soul crushing.

From Halloween until Thanksgiving last year I had NO days off. Not a one. I worked seven days a week. I was off on Thanksgiving, which worked out nicely since I spent the day pretty sick. But I was back to work at 3:00 AM for Black Friday! And I came perilously close to working from then until Christmas with no days off.

I thought everything was better when we got a new manager. But that was the compounding factor that made it the beginning of the end for me.

No Real Break

For a very brief time, there were four people as there should be. Then the other other original employee besides me transferred. Then the other person put in her two weeks to go to a better job. Once again, the math got to a point that seemed painfully familiar.

Even with new people being hired, they won’t be working in time. I almost worked two months straight for this stupid company, and all I got was a thanks and a $5 gift card to Starbucks. I’m sure as hell not working seven days a week again. I don’t need the money that bad.

Not only that, but the manager is a new manager…. And has no idea how to manage. Two things that have really pissed me off: One, he won’t do things that are his job, I’ve been doing it….. I quit about a week or so ago and it hasn’t be done, but I no longer care; Two, he told me to watch out because corporate was going around and getting rid of people….. He basically threatened my job.

I’ve been at this place since they opened this location last April. He got hired in December. So, um, excuse fucking me?! I’m not going to be abused and threatened and then have a written warning for some bullshit. Yeah, I have a bad attitude. Mostly because I was expected to be okay after working so damn much and getting a whole four days off to “recover.”

Moving On

Earlier this month I started looking for a new job. I’ve had a couple of interviews but I haven’t really gotten anywhere yet. I’m also a little weary about job hunting at the moment since I have a two week vacation to go on in March. But I will be looking.


I thought that maybe for a couple of weeks I’d just be the “ski bum” I’ve really wanted to be, lol. ;) (Just kidding. Sort of.)

If I don’t find anything until April/May I won’t be too upset. I’m trying my best to take this in stride. I’d really like to find a job utilizing my degree (business degree, specifically human resource management) or, my dream, in the auto parts industry. I kinda want to move on from my “student” retail jobs and get something more like an “adult” job.

Of course, this derails my plans a bit…. The S2000 really needs new tires after all, plus a new suspension. But honestly, it was NOT worth staying to basically be told how much I suck and need to be a good little slave and be nice to people I can’t stand.

If worst does come to worst and I need to get a job, I do have enough experience in the wireless phone industry to get another job. Do I want to? Not really, because it’s what I’ve done for the past few years and I’m pretty tired of it. I don’t want to get stuck, heh. But it’s nice to have the option there. (And knowing that if I did it, it’d be for better pay than I get now. That would be nice….)

So who knows. In a really cheesy way, I feel like I’m opening myself up to a new possibility by finally cutting this horrible job loose. It’s probably way overdue. (I’m kinda kicking myself for not interviewing with Apple back in October…. Sigh. But I had no idea it’d be so bad. If I did, I’d probably be working for Apple.)

But trust me when I say that I know it will take work from me to find the right job. It won’t just fall into my lap. So I’m really gonna try.

Wish me some luck, please, ’cause I really feel like I could use it….. It wasn’t easy to leave earlier than I wanted to, but I had to for my sanity. Now it’s time to figure out what comes next…..