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I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of Cars & Coffee by now, right? Well, there’s an effort to bring these nationwide events to little Spokane now! (Though I still really want to go to Seattle’s Cars & Coffee when the Ferrari dealership sponsors it!)

There’s a joint effort going on, and the Porsche dealership has stepped up to give us the space to meet! The BMW CCA has been working to pull it together, and perhaps the Corvette Club will show up if we get a cloudless sunny day. I’m hoping to see it grow, as it’d be a great thing to have every week.

In the mean time, I will be there to give my support. Even though it requires me to get out of bed when I’d rather pretend the world didn’t exist….

This particular week was also the monthly Porsche Club meeting, so that was fun. We had to leave earlier than I wanted to to go and sell the Miata, but as everything went well with that I can’t really complain. They definitely understood that it had to be done! ;)

I mean, it’s all their fault I’m going to buy a Porsche now….. :D

Photo Time!

I appreciate any time my camera and I get to go out and play! Especially with nice cars and somewhat empty spaces!

Loved this little 911 GT3 RS model! In flat black no less. ;)

This may be the only Porsche 918 Spyder I ever get to see! :P

I'm really hoping that I'll be able to buy one of these Club Badges to put on my 911. I have a feeling I may end up with more than one region's badges someday!

Still planning on having an M5 of my own someday. I love these cars!

Yup, more photos of the 991 911! They look fantastic, no? And this was my first chance to really get photos with my dSLR with no crowds!

Another 991 911! =3 Though I think I've posted photos of this particular one before. All the shades of silver make it somewhat difficult to tell them apart!