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In my searching for car shows, I came across a gathering on one particular Sunday that was nice and close to us. Thankfully, the day was empty and we made plans to hit it up to see what there was to be seen, as well as check out the swap meet and a local froyo spot. The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful, either!

In fact, the weather was so nice that the hard top actually came off of the S2000…. I promise you, you don’t see this often lol. I’m very attached to my hard top!

While I don’t own a classic car yet, I love checking out the swap meets and looking for hidden treasures. Sadly, I didn’t find any this day, but there were gems to be seen in the cars that were showing. I’ve seen tons of Factory Five Shelby Cobras, but I never get sick of them! Perfect day for driving this around too.

A 1949 Cadillac Convertible was looking great and timeless.

I was digging the bright pink paint job on this Ford F100 truck…

While my husband discovered that the Ford GT40 we had seen the day before at the Humane Society Car Show was out, along with the Daytona Coupe the owner of the GT40 had mentioned he had! I LOVE Daytona Coupes, by the way. ;) I want to get a Factory Five one for myself someday…

I really love this Street Rod/Rat Rod. The black and green color scheme worked very well.

And I always love seeing a nice Shelby GT350 Mustang!

We were pretty hungry, so we left pretty quickly to grab lunch and get some froyo. Yeah, I was excited ’cause it was my first time for froyo… Sad I think. I do intend to work it in more over the summer, though! ;)

On our way home, we ended up driving past another gathering of classic cars. We decided to stop and see what was up — turns out a local shop that builds a lot of classics for people was hosting a Dyno Day. Apparently these happen fairly often, so maybe we’ll catch another one later on in the summer!

I thought this Ford Coupe looked familiar, turns out it was the same one from the Car Show the previous day! Didn’t catch the Moon Eyes logo the first time, though.

Again with my spotting of Camaros, this SS caught my eye.

This 1925 Ford Tall T takes the honor of being the oldest car I saw that weekend, that I knew of anyhow.

Another Ford coupe, though I’m guessing this one is older than the other. I really don’t know though, I just know that I really liked it!!

This Chevy Rod was looking great!

While we were there this Mustang Mach 1 showed up. I see this very regularly around here, but I don’t mind — I dig the way they look.

Last, but certainly not least, yet another Street Rod — Love it! The entire weekend made me REALLY think about building one some day…. Uh oh.

¬†As a final note, I have finally decided to go ahead and start watermarking my photos again. While I don’t think my photos are good enough that anyone would want to take them, I have seen some of them end up shared on sites like Tumblr, where some people decide that deleting the credits for the photographer are okay. Because I can’t always control where my photos end up, and I don’t want to stop posting them, I finally created a basic mark to add to my pictures that I publish. Considering almost every website I know of does this, I imagine it’s nothing new to anyone reading here — I just wanted to add a note about it as it is new. :)