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Note: a few of my posts coming up yet will have the STi that was ours in them…. It’s a bit weird to me to have this work out this way, but I do want to share these last memories too. I wrote these before we traded her in, and don’t feel like trying to edit them in the new context. Like I said, these upcoming posts have some nice memories, and that’s how I’d like to keep them. But yes, the STi is no longer ours.

Every once in a while we hang out with cars like the ones we currently have. ;) This was just one of those days — a short get-together of some local Subarus before they went on a drive. (We passed on the drive, since I had gotten very little sleep and we were eating at The Melting Pot that night!)

It was an interesting little meet — not too many STis, which isn’t that uncommon. They’re almost impossible to buy from the dealerships here, they sell very quickly. They’re also more expensive than many seem to realize…..

Anyhow, the real treat that showed up was this rare gem — a GC8 STi. She was the last thing I ever expected to see, for sure!

One of my STi and her WRX buddy…..

And of our red sedan and a blue STi hatch.

This wagon was rocking the most lights….. Haha.

And then I was distracted from the Subarus by this hot rod, that I had to go and parking lot creep.

It might be having an STi, but most Subarus are just meh to me….. Even the STi. They’re great cars, but not really my thing…. Not sure they ever were, but I’m not much of a modern Evo girl either. (The IV, V and VI are my favs.)

Honestly, Japanese cars in general are pretty meh to me these days….. Thankfully, we should be on our way up and out. (The S2000 stays, though. Always. No matter how much kids frustrate me when it comes to me owning a Honda, I refuse to get rid of that car for anything.)