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The last Saturday of October, the dealership decided to throw an Oktoberfest celebration….. Only fitting for a bunch of fantastic German cars, right?

Well, I certainly can’t say no to a day at one of my favorite places with a bunch of my favorite people. :) And even some special surprises….

I’ll start with this German beauty, a 997 GT3. Always a car I love to see.


Sharing her space was this gorgeous Italian girl….. A 458 Italia Spyder. This was the first 458 I’ve seen since the one I drove in March, and the first Spyder for me. Watching the top go down is like art…. Ferrari does an amazing job. Her & her garage pal the GT3 were being babysat until they were picked up to go down to their owner’s place in California. (But yes, are local to here otherwise.)


It was a cloudy and slightly rainy day, and this 997 had a perfect color to match the day….. Loved it.

My 335xi made a friend in this Carrera, showing me what a cute pair she makes with a 911. Not too much longer to go until I can get a photo like this whenever I want….

German food. Yum.

It was also an open house for the dealership, so the keys to many cars were being given to people curious about ones they may not have driven. Having already driven the 991 911 & new Boxster myself, I wasn’t sure if I should drive anything….

Until I realized turning down the keys to a Porsche was just silly. I asked for the key to this gorgeous 997 911 and decided to go and take a few photos with her. She proved to be an excellent model and did wonders to cheer me up. I will absolutely own a 997 some day, I love them very much!





Oh, and there was my attempt to drink beer…… Didn’t go so well for me. But I tried.

And that was that for a very fun day. This is likely the last big event of the year that I will be going to….. Aside from hopefully going to the BMW Club’s winter banquet, it’s time for the winter lull. What that means is its time to save up money and scheme for spring….. ;)