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As it is pretty much the end of the season, I’ll likely be scrounging up things from the Internet to share over the dead season. Today I’ve got two great pieces of video with the same subject matter: the Porsche 911.

First up, this teaser clip put out by Porsche, showing us a tiny bit of the soon to be released 991 Carrera 4 & Carrera 4S. I love their video work……

Next up, the short documentary that’s made waves in the car community. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, or away from decent Internet, you may not have heard of Urban Outlaw, which features the amazing Magnus Walker and his stunning collection of long nose 911s.

I won’t say too much about this, as its just better left watched. I find his work to be truly inspirational, and would love to do similar little DIY touches on my future 911.