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While it isn’t officially winter yet, it may as well be here in terms of things going on. Really, it’s back to the quietness of hardly having anything to go and do….. And dealing with holiday shoppers is definitely not my idea of fun, so I do hide a lot instead of venturing out.

It’s a big contrast to the summer, where there are some months that I have things to go and do every weekend! Though I am looking forward to getting my snowboard out for my second longer season with that. :)

As it is with many people, winter here is a time of saving and scheming for what to do with the cars in the spring….. And just waiting for the warm weather to return, haha.

Here we have only had two days with snow, an inch or so one night and a few inches a couple of nights later. What we have had a lot of so far is rain….. One day, on my way to work I spied one huge, insanely bright rainbow and a faint second rainbow right next to it. After, some debating about whether I had time to stop, I found a quick spot to take these photos:


They aren’t perfect by any means, but a rainbow really isn’t something you can control…. Haha. They may not be ideal perfect photographs, but I’m happy that I have them and stopped to take the chance to shoot them. I would have kicked myself had I not!

Other than that, I’ve been doing a fair amount of baking…. This weekend I made some Russian Tea Cakes. :) Yum!

Other than that, I got my husband a tiny gift on Black Friday, car related of course! Looking forward to that getting here and hopefully getting it all perfect for when he gets home.

Because its been quiet, I may start sharing some of the spring plans….. Will have to see how things go, huh? It is kinda nice being slow & quiet for a little while!