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I know the first of December isn’t until Saturday, but I’m super excited for it. It is finally the tail end of being alone, as well as the tail end of 2012, a crazy year.

Taryn over at iheartstance has a really great post up that I think everyone needs to read. For me, it made me think….. And what follows is a few of these thoughts.

For one, I can sympathize greatly with the sale of her Miata and the closing of a chapter like that. Earlier this year I sold my own Miata, as well as my 240sx. It was the end of a story, and in many cases letting go of some dreams and knowing that not everything I want to do will be possible or make sense to do.

I’m thankful that I can say I don’t regret the choice, and I have absolutely no desire to own either of those two again. It’s been a while and I still don’t have the reason I sold them yet, but I hope to soon….

Funny enough, I also said goodbye to a brief period with the 2011 STi we had. It wasn’t the STi herself, she was great….. It was definitely us. We didn’t like the community, both of Subarus and what “imports” have become in general. That meant that, of the four cars we started 2012 with, we said goodbye to three.

Thankfully, we said hello to our BMW 335xi, and I LOVE her. After we bring the 911 home, I dare say it’ll feel complete…. Having those two, and the car I will NEVER get rid of, my S2000.

Speaking of the S, she kinda got spoiled this year. She got some goodies, and the tires she got were chewed up on the track in October amidst great fun. Yup, she does need new tires already….. Lol. I’m hoping to get her back on the track next spring.

So how does this tie into Taryn’s post? It’s the journey aspect. Just as she can see how she’s grown, so can I….. And where she decided to get into vintage Japanese, I’m going a different route….

To classic European, as well as modern day European sports cars & the exotics.

To me, this is what I love and am drawn to. This is where I feel I fit in best. This is where I wanted to be and this is where I’m standing at the edge of becoming a true part of it.

In January, I will be officially kicking off the search for what will be MY Porsche 911. My FIRST Porsche 911. And I say that with great confidence, knowing that there will be others.

Just as Taryn had to sell her Miata to continue with her beautiful S30 Z project, so too did I part ways in order to make this a reality. I had to sell the cars, and then I have all but said adios to the “import” community.

I do hold exceptions to what I like in Japanese cars especially, though. I will always love the classic vintage Japanese cars. As I said before, I will NEVER sell my S2000…. She finally gets to start her journey to becoming a track car. But, as a whole, I don’t belong there. I don’t think I ever belonged there, really….

But I know where I do belong. And I feel welcome there and happy in that world. I have a subscription to Hemming’s Sports & Exotic Car magazine, so that I can learn more about all classics and exotics. In 2013, I plan to visit more places and meet more people and really enjoy what these cars, and especially their owners and caretakers, have to offer.

I’m excited to dig deeper into this world. And the first step is undoubtedly finding my 911. And that’s why I’m glad it’s December. That will be soon. It’s close and not too far away…..

Basically, I’ve been thinking of my own journey a lot. 2012 was a big growing year….. And I know there will be big things in 2013. And I can’t wait for that.