The Real Damage!


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Since I posted about the S2000’s differential issues, I figured I would post an update on the situation…. And yeah, I do have other photos I should work on sharing. Sigh. But for now, my issues lol.

After finding the tiny bits, the differential was removed and cracked open…. And, well, good & bad news.

The good: the Torsen diff itself & housing are both okay.

The bad: The pinion gear sheared itself to bits…. Ooops. The ring gear is okay, too, though. But the gears needed to be replaced, plus the bearings.

Currently, the entire assembly is en route to Puddy Mod Racing, down in Florida, to get some upgraded parts & get reassembled. Hooray for that! :) The gearing is going to now be 4.44, so when she’s all done there will be a bit of relearning with her….

However, she’s not entirely breaking the bank AND it is a partial upgrade, so that’s nice. The hardest part is being without her for so long. :( Hopefully she’ll be home soon, and a bit better than before.

Car life is never dull, now is it?




Time For An Upgrade….


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Well, any time I think I couldn’t get any busier there seems to be yet another kink thrown in.

This time, after I’ve already felt a bit neglectful of the blog and behind in things, I’m pushed a bit further back….

My S2000 decided that her rear differential wasn’t good enough any more and it’s dead. At this point I don’t know which part failed, or how long it’s going to take to fix.

All I really know at this point is there’s going to be an upgrade….. It just makes sense. ;)


Oh, Right, Blog….


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Sorry for being a brat and neglecting to write. It’s hard when I had such a great weekend to write about too…. It’s just that work has started to get busy for me, and this is kinda the weak link when things get hectic.

However, I wanted to give a tiny, quick recap in pictures of how Saturday went. The basic itinerary went like this: Get off from work for me, get home, nap in the 911 while my hubby drove us to Seattle, arrive for the Exotics @ Redmond Town Center event, leave and attend the Red Square Car Show (with many of the same cars from the Exotics event), enjoy the sun, great people and amazing cars, then have a beer down in Pike Place…..

Yeah. It was a bad ass day to say the least!

I’ll work on getting more comprehensive things put together when I get a chance. Unfortunately, just as summer is busy with tons of car events, it’s also the busy season for me at work…. So no guarantees. It may just be a lot of picture posts. Not sure yet. (I also try to enjoy the moments more than just take pictures…. Cause that’s really what it’s all about.)










BMW Club Rally & Other Weekend Adventures


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This past weekend was another busy Saturday with a mostly quiet Sunday, so it’s hard to complain about that! I kinda like it when we have quiet Sundays around here….. The weekends are coming soon where those no longer exist.

Saturday started off with us joining the BMW Club on a Pennies From Heaven Rally, as part of the local fundraiser for the Guilds School that helps out special needs children & their families. There were a total of seven teams, and we managed to get third place! :D Lunch was at Red Robin with the Club.


Afterwards, we spent a couple of hours helping collect change for the same fundraiser with the Porsche Club. From there, we stopped by a local park to check out the Japanese Gardens. My Diana enjoyed the scenery. ;)

We picked up some delicious beers on the way home…. I’m working on liking more; so far I’m a huge fan of lambics!

On Sunday we headed out to an antiques show, where we made a few awesome purchases! A Gulf patch, a pack of Porsche cards that we might mount & frame and a sweet vintage Matchbox 911 Turbo.

While doing a few errands, we ran into this awesome pair of Hudson Hornets.


Finally, there were the typical Sunday Porsche Projects. We got her bra fitted, and got her replacement engine sound deadening in. :) While I didn’t necessarily want to drown out engine noise, the panel is more for aesthetic purposes for me — it’s a cleaner finish to the engine bay. Quite happy with how we managed to get it done!

And that was that! The 911 is all ready for our journey to Seattle for the weekend. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend stopping by the University of Washington’s campus on May 4th for the Red Square Car Show. And, if you plan on being there, let me know if you care to say hi! I don’t bite. ;) And my Carrera is quite pretty….. Hehe.

Cars, Coffee & a Dyno Day


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In true fashion to how I’ve been lately, I’m going to say just a few words and then just share my photos…. Guess I kinda want more of a photo blog lately, haha.

Saturday started with taking out our 911 to Cars & Coffee, which was quite nice. After that, we went home and swapped for the S2000 to check out the first Dyno day at our favorite local shop. We also got a rough estimate while we were there for work on the S that might happen this year….. Maybe. We’ll see I suppose.

For now, enjoy some snaps of some pretty cars. :)













Quick Snaps: 1 Bad Bug


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The other day I stopped to do something I haven’t in a while — be a parking lot creeper.

I was a pretty major one, too, in that I turned around just to go back to creep on this car. She was worth it, though, and I’m hoping to learn more about her somehow some day. I’m very intrigued….

Introducing 1 Bad Bug, the only Beetle I have ever seen with a tail. Seriously. I’m gonna have to track down the owner if this. I want to know more!


In other news, I am all officially confirmed to be part of the Red Square Car Show this year in Seattle, at the University of Washington. :) It’s May 4th, so let me know if anyone is in the area and going!

If the weather holds out I’m hoping to go to the Exotics at Redmond Town Center as well. Fingers crossed!

If you aren’t already following me on
Instagram, please consider it! I try to post regularly on the weekends and any cool stuff during the week, and tomorrow is my favorite local shop’s first dyno day…. I may see some cool things worth following for. ;)

Happy Friday & weekend, everyone!

2013 Progressive Drive


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April 13th was cold, but it was dry and sunny and that’s what mattered for our first official Porsche Club drive. :) It was also windy, and there were even snow flurries In the higher elevations of the drive…. But overall, it was nice and didn’t rain!

This year, the drive was a self-guided TSD of sorts, where we were set off from the Porsche dealership, given directions with our starting time on it and responsible for trying to set a time as close to the averaged time that was set for the event. We weren’t told the time until the end…. We’re it turned out we were five minutes too fast, haha.

Overall, it was an excellent first proper club event and I’m looking forward to many, many more events this summer with our 911!










Saturday Coffee


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It’s still only spring here, so the car events are trickling in but not quite every weekend yet. Which I don’t entirely mind yet, honestly…. Summer can get busy so I like the quiet days when I have them.

This past weekend was one of those quiet ones. Just some Cars & Coffee, some yummy lunch and a new, bold fashion choice for me. ;)

We got to say a proper hello to a doppelgänger of my 911. Some key differences though, and I’m very partial to mine.

A new face again, this time a classic 1954 Nash Metropolitan.

Lunch was sushi with some BMW friends. Yummy, and supporting local with some Dry Fly vodka in my Cosmo. (Some of my favorite vodka ever. And made right here!)



Finally, my husband convinced me to go ahead and buy some makeup…. Red lipstick! Of course, it matches my pretty red girl…. Hehe. Still weird for me but I’m sure I can pull this off when I have a reason.

And that’s pretty much that. Nice & quiet. April is picking up a bit more, and there’s already a lot of promise for May. By the time June rolls around I have car events all the time and get busy but happy. Can’t say I hate it now, but looking forward to summer is still what I’m doing. :)

First 2013 Track Day


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Last Wednesday was the first open track day of 2013. It was a beautiful day, so I took my 911 out to see who was there and what was going on.

I still have a few things to do to the S2000 to get her ready for our first track day, but I’m hoping with the work arrangement to volunteer to corner work a couple of half days to earn a track half day… Considering the cost, this is ideal to me, so we’ll see if that works. :P

That said, I’m just going to share my snaps from the day and let them speak for themselves. ;)









Quiet Sundays


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While car events are picking up here, it’s still mostly quiet on Sundays. I’ve come to appreciate this, however, as I know it won’t be this way for much longer! (If I want anyhow, but I do want to hit up as many car shows as I can this year…)

I made many futile attempts to do some shopping, which surprised me as Easter never struck me as a holiday that a ton of places closed for. How wrong I was. Out of the couple places that were open, I only found one Hot Wheels to add to my collection…. At least it was a Porsche. :)

Fed up with closed stores (Target, REALLY????), we decided to head downtown, enjoy the sunny weather and just walk around until we found some place open for lunch. We came across this very nice Camaro SS street parked after we started off. Mmmmm.

We settled on a nice place for lunch, where I got to try a cocktail with huckleberry vodka. Yum. I really love huckleberries!

Finally, we stopped by our new local O’Reillys to get a replacement reverse light bulb for the 911, then proceeded to get that changed out. Unlike the last tiny 911 project, I managed to help out on this one. ;) Pictures for evidence!!


It was a nice way to end March, and I wasn’t that sad to see it go. This month I’m somewhat prepping for my Seattle trip in one month exactly with the 911…. We shall see how that goes, as it will determine how many events we do over there with her.

Not that there aren’t things we’ll be doing here this month, but I’m always planning ahead…. :P


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