Bingo Fun in the Car


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Learn How to Play Road Trip Bingo

Most people prefer going on a road trip rather than traveling on plane because of many different reasons and preferences. This time is the perfect opportunity to bond with your friends and family, witness amazing scenery, encounter different people, and simply enjoy the ride. Whether you have that hippie vibe in your Volkswagen Westfalia or you’re letting your hair down in your Ferrari California, it is important to come up with fun activities so that you don’t bore your gang. If you are tired of playing the same game like I Spy or the Alphabet during your road trip, then why not try Road Trip Bingo? I’m sure all FoxyBingo fans out there and regular players of Daytona Beach Bingo will be thrilled to hear about this new game.

Bingo has been around for decades and you can see bingo halls all over the country, but some still prefer playing this game online because it is more accessible especially with today’s advanced technology. Now, you can enjoy this all-time fave American game while on the road. You can make your own bingo cards or buy online via Knock Knock or Amazon. There are different categories to choose from, which makes this card game more fun. Just like bingo, you will mark the pictures that appear along the way. Once you’ve marked all the pictures on the card, you can now shout “bingo!”. The prize does not have to be that grand. It can be a gift certificate at Starbucks or even just a bar of Snickers.

If you are planning to make your own road trip bingo card, then you can start with road signs. Just gather up images of road signs like Stop, One Way, Do Not Enter, Rough Road, and Detour then put them in random order on each card.

Note: The above was a guest post. Have I ever mentioned that I’m really a big fan of road trips? I’m sad I can’t go on more…. And even more sad I don’t really like taking the 911 on them. I definitely want my next classic to be a great road trip car!

That Crazy Life…

Soooooo I definitely owe some posts to this blog. And some explanations, haha. I didn’t mean to end up disappearing but I did.

June started off crazy hectic. We helped a couple of friends out at SOVREN, which was great fun. But one of our friends was in a pretty bad accident with his Formula Vee…. That was not fun. Thankfully he is doing alright, having only gotten a fractured vertebra in his neck, one in his back and a concussion. This led him to decide it was time to retire from racing — he’s 79, after all. (By the way, I want to be that active at the same age!!)

After that weekend, there was a morning of volunteering at the monthly track day….. And the track decided to claim another victim in the form of a large fire in my friend’s 911. Both he & his passenger got out okay. The 911…. Not so much. She’s getting put back together, though.

After all that excitement, we managed to enjoy another car show with our own 911 and also get the S2000 back from her differential mess. That was good.

But then more bad decided to like me and I ended up spending four days in the hospital the week after my 25th birthday. Lucky me, I had a very rare reaction to a medication I was on and spent an entire week rather sick, and only in the past week now have I really gotten over all of the symptoms.

Seriously, don’t take your health for granted.

After that mess it’s been hard to get back into things. Part of what I had was being very exhausted, and I wasted no time in getting back to work after having to miss four days. I feel like I’ve been trying to play catch up ever since.

There wasn’t really anything interesting until last weekend and this past weekend, since I’m finally really feeling up to things again…. So I’ll try to get things sorted out to share.

For now, I figured I’d post this up to serve as an explanation of my crazy past month and a half. I didn’t just ditch my blog, I swear!

And since I prefer to always post with a picture….. Here’s my pretty 911. ;)


Stars and Their (Classic) Cars



Note: The following is a Guest Post. As you should know, I have a huge love of classic cars…. I think all car enthusiasts should own a classic! ;)

What do Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen and Elvis Presley have in common?

One did it his way; one had a great escape, and the other was all shook up – but they all shared a mutual passion: cars.

Nowadays, a car driven by a Hollywood legend is likely to be on the ‘most wanted’ list for vintage vehicle enthusiasts worldwide. Realistically, though, opportunities to own a classic car possessed by the stars will be few and far between.

However, the prospect of purchasing a similar model is likely to appeal to the vast majority of classic car fans, which is why you should read on to discover the impressive list of vehicles owned by the rich and famous, and get your hands on a sparkling slice of history…

Ol’ Blue Eyes
Frank Sinatra was the proud owner of a 1955 Ford Thunderbird convertible – the vehicle produced in response to Chevrolet’s Corvette – that boasted a sleek, athletic frame. Despite its apparent sportiness, though, Ford marketed the motor as a ‘personal luxury car’, highlighting its comfort and convenience features rather than its speed. Sinatra was also a big fan of the Ford Dual Ghia, the same car driven by his Rat Pack buddy, Dean Martin, and the vehicle made its way onto the big screen alongside Sinatra in a couple of his performances.

Steve McQueen
The Great Escape star was one of the biggest classic car enthusiasts in Hollywood with a collection that is likely to make you green with envy. Whether it’s the green Porsche 911S featured in the 1971 film Le Mans, his eye-wateringly beautiful Ferrari 275 GTB4, or the 1967 Rolls Royce from The Thomas Crown Affair, it’s safe to say that McQueen was a man who knew his motors. In fact, in August last year, McQueen’s 1968 powder blue Ford GT40/Mirage Lightweight Racing Car sold for a wallet-busting $11 million (yep, $11 MILLION) at an auction in Monterey, California.

Elvis Presley
Well known for his love affair with cars, Elvis was the proud owner of a long line of Cadillacs – including the Pink version he gave to his mother – a second hand Volkswagen, and a couple of BMW 507s when he was in Germany. Additionally, he enjoyed Ford Lincoln’s, a Rolls Royce, a Mercedes and a Ford T-Bird. However, it’s likely his most prized possession was his Stutz Blackhawk, a model which he was the first to own.

SOVREN Weekend is Here!


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Sorry for being so sporadic. Life has felt pretty hectic lately….

However, I do post often to Instagram when I’m out & about, so feel free to check me out on there!

I might upload a couple videos to YouTube as well, to try & share some of the wonderful sounds. :)







Eventually I should figure out how to keep up on event coverage!

Though I’m still contemplating a blog name change…. Hmmm…

The Real Damage!


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Since I posted about the S2000′s differential issues, I figured I would post an update on the situation…. And yeah, I do have other photos I should work on sharing. Sigh. But for now, my issues lol.

After finding the tiny bits, the differential was removed and cracked open…. And, well, good & bad news.

The good: the Torsen diff itself & housing are both okay.

The bad: The pinion gear sheared itself to bits…. Ooops. The ring gear is okay, too, though. But the gears needed to be replaced, plus the bearings.

Currently, the entire assembly is en route to Puddy Mod Racing, down in Florida, to get some upgraded parts & get reassembled. Hooray for that! :) The gearing is going to now be 4.44, so when she’s all done there will be a bit of relearning with her….

However, she’s not entirely breaking the bank AND it is a partial upgrade, so that’s nice. The hardest part is being without her for so long. :( Hopefully she’ll be home soon, and a bit better than before.

Car life is never dull, now is it?




Time For An Upgrade….


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Well, any time I think I couldn’t get any busier there seems to be yet another kink thrown in.

This time, after I’ve already felt a bit neglectful of the blog and behind in things, I’m pushed a bit further back….

My S2000 decided that her rear differential wasn’t good enough any more and it’s dead. At this point I don’t know which part failed, or how long it’s going to take to fix.

All I really know at this point is there’s going to be an upgrade….. It just makes sense. ;)


Oh, Right, Blog….


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Sorry for being a brat and neglecting to write. It’s hard when I had such a great weekend to write about too…. It’s just that work has started to get busy for me, and this is kinda the weak link when things get hectic.

However, I wanted to give a tiny, quick recap in pictures of how Saturday went. The basic itinerary went like this: Get off from work for me, get home, nap in the 911 while my hubby drove us to Seattle, arrive for the Exotics @ Redmond Town Center event, leave and attend the Red Square Car Show (with many of the same cars from the Exotics event), enjoy the sun, great people and amazing cars, then have a beer down in Pike Place…..

Yeah. It was a bad ass day to say the least!

I’ll work on getting more comprehensive things put together when I get a chance. Unfortunately, just as summer is busy with tons of car events, it’s also the busy season for me at work…. So no guarantees. It may just be a lot of picture posts. Not sure yet. (I also try to enjoy the moments more than just take pictures…. Cause that’s really what it’s all about.)










BMW Club Rally & Other Weekend Adventures


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This past weekend was another busy Saturday with a mostly quiet Sunday, so it’s hard to complain about that! I kinda like it when we have quiet Sundays around here….. The weekends are coming soon where those no longer exist.

Saturday started off with us joining the BMW Club on a Pennies From Heaven Rally, as part of the local fundraiser for the Guilds School that helps out special needs children & their families. There were a total of seven teams, and we managed to get third place! :D Lunch was at Red Robin with the Club.


Afterwards, we spent a couple of hours helping collect change for the same fundraiser with the Porsche Club. From there, we stopped by a local park to check out the Japanese Gardens. My Diana enjoyed the scenery. ;)

We picked up some delicious beers on the way home…. I’m working on liking more; so far I’m a huge fan of lambics!

On Sunday we headed out to an antiques show, where we made a few awesome purchases! A Gulf patch, a pack of Porsche cards that we might mount & frame and a sweet vintage Matchbox 911 Turbo.

While doing a few errands, we ran into this awesome pair of Hudson Hornets.


Finally, there were the typical Sunday Porsche Projects. We got her bra fitted, and got her replacement engine sound deadening in. :) While I didn’t necessarily want to drown out engine noise, the panel is more for aesthetic purposes for me — it’s a cleaner finish to the engine bay. Quite happy with how we managed to get it done!

And that was that! The 911 is all ready for our journey to Seattle for the weekend. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend stopping by the University of Washington’s campus on May 4th for the Red Square Car Show. And, if you plan on being there, let me know if you care to say hi! I don’t bite. ;) And my Carrera is quite pretty….. Hehe.

Cars, Coffee & a Dyno Day


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In true fashion to how I’ve been lately, I’m going to say just a few words and then just share my photos…. Guess I kinda want more of a photo blog lately, haha.

Saturday started with taking out our 911 to Cars & Coffee, which was quite nice. After that, we went home and swapped for the S2000 to check out the first Dyno day at our favorite local shop. We also got a rough estimate while we were there for work on the S that might happen this year….. Maybe. We’ll see I suppose.

For now, enjoy some snaps of some pretty cars. :)













Quick Snaps: 1 Bad Bug


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The other day I stopped to do something I haven’t in a while — be a parking lot creeper.

I was a pretty major one, too, in that I turned around just to go back to creep on this car. She was worth it, though, and I’m hoping to learn more about her somehow some day. I’m very intrigued….

Introducing 1 Bad Bug, the only Beetle I have ever seen with a tail. Seriously. I’m gonna have to track down the owner if this. I want to know more!


In other news, I am all officially confirmed to be part of the Red Square Car Show this year in Seattle, at the University of Washington. :) It’s May 4th, so let me know if anyone is in the area and going!

If the weather holds out I’m hoping to go to the Exotics at Redmond Town Center as well. Fingers crossed!

If you aren’t already following me on
Instagram, please consider it! I try to post regularly on the weekends and any cool stuff during the week, and tomorrow is my favorite local shop’s first dyno day…. I may see some cool things worth following for. ;)

Happy Friday & weekend, everyone!


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